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Congratulations and welcome to Money Matters Online. First Command Educational Foundation developed the Money Matters curriculum to help fill the gap in financial literacy education for young people. Mastering the information in Money Matters Online will help you gain the financial savvy necessary for immediate and long-term success. We hope you enjoy this course, and we wish you the best in a lifetime of financial endeavors.

The topics covered in this curriculum have been developed for educational purposes only and should not be used as financial advice, guidance, or for financial planning purposes. Please consult a professional advisor regarding your specific personal financial plans.

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Welcome to Money Matters Online, a financial literacy course developed by First Command Educational Foundation. This course was created to provide you with the fundamentals of financial literacy: how to open a checking account and use a check register, how a credit card works, the rights and responsibilities of renting an apartment, how to read your paycheck summary, and many other skills you'll need to succeed in life. This course doesn't cover everything you'll ever need to know, however. As you encounter new experiences, and as new ideas are created, you'll never stop learning. A successful person takes personal responsibility to be a productive member of society.

Your instructor has given you an initial login name and password for this course. When you log in, you will create a personal login name and password. Please protect your login information so no one else can take credit for your work. The course consists of 12 separate modules and a comprehensive exam. You must take the comprehensive exam before you start the modules. You will get to see your score, and your results will be gathered by the Foundation so we can measure how well the course helps you learn the material. Each module also contains a Pre-test and Post-test. You must complete the Pre-test before working on the module, and you must complete the Post-test before exiting. You will not receive a score when you take the Pre-test, but we will again use your results to help us measure the effectiveness of the material. You will be required to proceed through each module in a certain order during your first time through. Once you have completed the Post-test you will be able to go back and review the material in that module in any order. After you have completed the 12 modules, you will be required to take the comprehensive exam again for a score.

Your instructor may direct you to complete the modules in a specific order. If not, we recommend you complete the modules in the following order:







Stocks & Investments






If you would like to provide comments on this course or the material, please click on the Contact FCEF button to let us know your thoughts. We wish you success as you complete this course, and in your financial future.

"Eighty-four percent of undergraduates indicated they needed more education on financial management topics. In fact, 64 percent would have liked to receive information in high school and 40 percent as college freshman."
How Undergraduate Students Use Credit Cards: Sallie Mae's National Study of Usage Rates and Trends, 2009

Before you begin this course, you should download and read the Student Manual for Money Matters Online. It will provide you with important information for logging in and working with the course.

Our original book-based curriculum, now called Money Matters Reference, is available to users of Money Matters Online. To access Money Matters Reference, log into Money Matters Online and click on the Money Matters Reference button at the top of the page.